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CLM For Dummies - Malbek Special Edition


What's Inside:

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Why CLM, Why Now

Dive into the current CLM environment, uncover emerging trends, and realize the benefits of CLM.


Choosing your CLM provider

Identify your company's CLM needs and how to select a good provider. Be inspired by real-life case studies.

Klix Page - Ensure Compliance and Mitigate Litigation Risk

Implementing CLM

Explore the CLM maturity model to implement swiftly, track trends, and envision future success

Meet the Authors:

Matt Formal

COO and Co-founder at Malbek

Two decades of CLM and legal tech experience

Wishes he had this book when he started his CLM journey 20 years ago

Colin Levy-1

Director of Legal and an Evangelist for Malbek

Author of The Legal Tech Ecosystem & Editor of the Handbook of Legal Tech

Top LinkedIn Voice for Legal Tech

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