Unleash the Power of Malbek AI Pro

  • Precision model accuracy through Malbek's Ensemble LLM approach.
  • Seamlessly streamline processes and ensure compliance.
  • Intuitive Generative AI technology.

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Ensemble LLM Approach

Malbek AI Pro redefines the landscape of contracting operations, offering unparalleled capabilities and insights engineered to meet tomorrow's challenges head-on. 

Malbek's ensemble approach dynamically employs a variety of specialized LLMs tailored to individual use cases, complemented by industry-leading models like Azure OpenAI and Anthropic Claude. This ensures AI Pro remains best-in-class, delivering unparalleled Generative AI performance – accurate, relevant, and reliable.  

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Adrienne Schaal

Director of Legal Operations

“Flexible and fast with a great Salesforce connector. Salesforce was set up in minutes and I can now map new fields when business needs change, without any help from IT. Ability to search both structured and unstructured data is key. I can just search a word or phrase and find if any of our contracts contain it. We had a very successful and smooth implementation and the continued support from the vendor has been great!”

LaToya G.

LaToya G.

"Malbek AI allows us to take our contracting process to the next level by providing a visual workflow to users. It is interactive, and the helpful hints make Malbek a fun system for daily work. I like that Malbek allows users to be completely involved in the workflow process. I appreciate that it provides notifications for each step of the workflow and advises requesters of where their request is at all times. The system is easy to use and very functional regarding the overall contracting process."

Allison Ramirez

Allison Ramirez

Senior Contract Manager

“We now have the ability to help us put together processes to stay in compliance for all of our contracting and procurement needs. Our past product was outdated, unfriendly, and nobody wanted to use it, and we couldn't make improvements. Malbek blew everyone out on the demos! We can now oversee and track notifications and deliverables with a user-friendly system and is the best CLM system on the market.”

Jeff Blog Image

Jeff Peduto

SVP, Operations

The money we spent on this system has come back tenfold! With Malbek’s CLM, we now know 90 days before an expiration date, when a customer would be up for renewal so we can start to engage those customers and have those conversations. This was a huge advantage to implementing Malbek’s CLM...The reason you want to choose Malbek is the people behind it. They take ownership in their customer relationships, they respond quickly, and they make it easy to use their tool. 

Jeanette Milano

Jeanette Milano

Head of Procurement

I can't sing the praises of templates enough. Where we are able to use a template, we are reducing the time to close by 50%. Having pre-approved clauses and fallbacks built into the system empowers my team.

Torie B.

Tori B.


Malbek is solving the issues associated with having multiple locations for our contracts from various domains. It also makes the process to get the contracts sent out a lot quicker and has helped simplify our contracting process. Its user friendly and keeps everything all in one place.“

Carmen K

Carmen K.

Deal Manager

One-stop repository shop to locate all contracts for a customer. I can view the customer's historical contracts and any special T&C's previously approved and negotiated.

Kaitlin H.

Kaitlin H.

Inside Sales Representative

“It makes legal negotiations easy! I like that it makes it easy for me to communicate between my legal team and prospects when they need redlines or special verbiage. You just upload the documents from prospects, legal makes their edits, and you can send it directly back to the prospect through Malbek. The Slack integration is nice too!”

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